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No matter what you’ re writing. wordiness is killing your writing. i read a lot of blog posts on a weekly basis i see this wordiness problem more than i would care for. everybody is responsible for this mistake; you me even journalists. writing brief and concise sentences is a true skill. doing the opposite is what we call " wordiness". wordiness is a common mistake many english learners make. writers are wordy when they use too many words in a sentence many of which can be considered unnecessary , paragraph vague.

a redundant expression is another type of wordy expression and it means you’ re saying the same thing twice to fill space. for example , you’ re using a redundant expression, if you reference an ‘ empty void’ ‘ doublespeak’. a void is by its definition empty. the synonymous or related words aren’ wordiness in writing t always right next to each other in redundant expressions. here’ s an example of a paragraph full of doublespeak: she opened the envelope, which containeda confidential document inside. after reading it with close scrutiny, she discovered it was written in the exact samehandwriting as the mysterious note she’ d received before; the reasonshe knew this was because of handwriting studies in her past history. i’ ve bolded the repetitions in the sentences phrases which make them superfluous and too wordy. here’ s the corrected version: she opened the envelope, which contained a confidential document. medical school essay help.

after reading it with scrutiny, she discovered it was written in the same handwriting as the mysteri. can you use wordiness in academic writing? see full list on blog. virtualwritingtutor. e full list on blog. a writer can avoid being too wordy by reading through each paragraph and striking out any word that does not add to the meaning of the paragraph. cut out all filler words. filler words represent words which sneak between relevant phrases in a sentence but are essentially useless. you can be sure you are removing filler words because when you cut them out the sentence still makes grammatical sense.

the removal of fillers can do a lot to improve the quality of a sentence. for example in a sentence starting with “ it is commonly believed that. ” the word “ commonly” represents a filler which may be removed without altering the meaning of the sentence. essay about bipolar disorder. we already discussed moving around sentences , modify the structure of sentences , paragraphs to reduce repetition, but you can also reorganize, paragraphs to help reduce wordiness. essentially moving words , this means adjusting phrases to make your writing more concise. see full list on study. on the act wordiness is a grammatical error in which extra words phrases are added to a sentence unnecessarily. concise writing is preferable because conciseness makes a sentence more understandable and easier to follow. wordy sentences can be difficult to navigate and tough to comprehend.

on the act english section, the shortest grammatically correct answer choice that expresses the same information as the original sentence will be the right answer. here' s an example of a wordy sentence: allison took me to a party that was a very fun time. this is the corrected version of the sentence: allison took me to a very fun party. technically both sentences are grammatically correct convey the same information. however the second sentence is more concise less wordy. custom research paper service. check out another example of wordiness in writing a wordy sentence: i enjoy getting my nourishment by way of fried foods. after we fix the wordiness error, this is what wordiness in writing the sentence looks like: i enjoy eating fried foods. writing concise sentences directions: rewrite the following sentences in the text- areas provided. when you are finished with each sentence ( click on grammar' s version, wait until you' ve done them all), if you wish which will reveal how we might have rewritten the sentence to achieve a more concise statement. but native speakers are also prone toward wordy sentences by employing nominalizations. using a noun instead of a verb can bloat a sentence and obscure who did what to whom.

turning nouns into verbs can restore vigor and concision to your writing if wordiness in writing we just try. to get a general overview of all the grammar rules covered on the act english section, read this article about grammar for the act. if wordiness in writing you would like to learn about another frequently tested grammar issue on the act, check out this post about faulty modifiers. also as you continue preparing for the act i highly recommend that you investigate the best act prep websites. wordiness: word types to avoid for concise writing. being concise in your writing will make your work clearer and easier to read. as such, it’ s important to be able to spot wordiness while editing your work so you can fix it. redundancies are also considered another major cause of wordiness.

writers in this context may include redundant words or information in sentences. for english as a second language learner, redundant words are often found in their characteristically descriptive writing. synonyms are the main culprit. in an effort to demonstrate an extensive vocabulary, the writer might repeat the same thing in different ways. readers are subjected to a lot of reading without learning anything new. hence by reducing redundancies in sentences students can effectively write in a less wordy manner. wordiness also tends to occur when we' re struggling to clarify our ideas when we' re tired not thinking clearly. regardless of the reason for padded writing we can achieve concise writing if we incorporate several strategies during the writing process if we' re aware of the individual patterns of wordiness typical of our own writing. wordiness can sneak into your paper without you even realizing it. when we draft we often write how we think speak. these extra words however need to be eliminated in academic writing in order to improve clarity. wordiness outward flourishes, wordiness list " therefore, , tediousness the limbs , wordiness, since brevity is the soul of wit i will be brief.

" — shakespeare ( hamlet act 2, cause shorter is better, scene ii determine whether the shortest answer choice is appropriate for the sentence. if a more concise answer choice maintains wordiness in writing the meaning of the original sentence is grammatically correct then that is the right answer. it displayed ( both) wordiness and a redundancy. ( remember when you use ,/ you seldom need the word ‘ both’. whether you’ re writing an email to your coworker inviting them to lunch a résumé , cover letter, , a proposal to a new client— ensure it is written to the best of your ability. wordy sentences use too many useless words that clutter writing. good writing is simple and direct; it uses the simplest word possible that conveys the same meaning. wordiness takes away from this clarity.

how to reduce wordiness. delete unnecessary prepositions ” “ in regard to” “ it appears that, ” “ first of all, wordiness in writing meaningless phrases/ expressions ( “ in terms of ” “ there are/ is” ). avoid passive voice , which hides the real subjects in a sentence ( the email was sent by loretta loretta sent the email). what does wordiness mean in a sentence? the passive voicemakes your writing look indirect and less trustworthy. you’ ll recognize the passive voice from any document you’ ve ever read which tries to shift responsibility from the party in question put a distance between themselves the action. it refuses to get to the point , doesn’ t add clarity to the situation it’ s describing - sometimes this is deliberate sometimes it’ s a misguided attempt to sound more intellectual. monzo is a great example of a company who are actively making an effort to clarify their terms and conditions for their customers. instead of saying “ a refund will be given to you” they say “ we’ ll give you a refund” as part of their tone guidelines. how to write a good tok essay.

by writing in the active voice in their terms they give a strong , conditions trustworthy impression. how do you write a film analysis. here’ s a quick guide to active versus passive voice:. dundant expressions. what is a argumentive essay. in writing, redundancy means conveying the same meaning twice. like other kinds of wordiness, redundancy makes writing seem cluttered. sometimes people use redundant expressions because they don' t know the precise definition of a word. lauren was spending so many hours at her job at the zoo that her leisure time was minimal and not abundant at all. minimal and not abundant. in the next two weeks of time in the future, tarica will be wordiness in writing receiving a check for the legal work she performed for her client.

in the next two weeks of time in the future; c. in the next two weeks, d. omit the underlined portion 3. the teacher became increasingly frustrated with the rowdy student who acted in a wild, disorderly manner. who acted wildly. whom acted wildly. omit the underlined portion 4. george after thirty years of work in the automotive industry, was thoroughly overjoyed to retire no longer go to his job. and no longer have to work. but no longer have to go to his job. omit the underlined portion answers: 1. cheap research paper writers.

essays are particularly prone to wordiness. here’ s a passage sourced from san jose state universityon the topic of pruning prose. they used the below as an example of wordiness: there is currently a lively arguments are being conducted among them about what it means that so many young people— , older people, ongoing controversy among many sociologists , other professionals who study human nature : theories are being spun for that matter— who live in our society today are so very interested in stories about zombies. according to readable’ s new ‘ reach’ metric, this is only easily readable by 25% of the general public. not only is this paragraph one really long sentence - but it’ s also self- indulgent in using more words than are needed to make the point. it also uses unnecessary qualifiers ( so very) where a stronger adjective would do the trick. this is how i would reword it: a lively societal debate rages among the human sciences. the contentious issue is: why are so many peopl. wait a minute ” you might be thinking “ isn’ t it a good thing to wordiness in writing display a good vocabulary? ” and you’ wordiness in writing d have a point.

as word nerds, we agree to an extent. it’ s a great thing to use words sometimes that aren’ t in the everyday conversation. our language is full of rich beautiful words phrases which can make an ordinary sentence extraordinary. up to a certain point, it' s good to be wordy. this doesn’ t mean there’ s not a line to wordiness in writing be drawn. there’ s a difference between showing creativity and merely trying to stuff your writing with synonyms to look impressive. and chances are if you’ re doing the latter, it’ s obvious to your reader. this is the opposite of plain language , conciseness wordiness in writing there’ s a word for it - verbosity.

let’ s look at some examples of this fatal flaw in writing and consider a more no- nonsense alternative. how to identify and reduce wordiness in writing? more wordiness in writing videos. if the information in the underlined word phrase is redundant , phrases in the sentence, phrase can be gathered from other words , then the underlined word should be omitted. i' ve created some realistic practice problems to test your knowledge of wordiness and redundancy on the act. wordiness has two meanings for the writer. you are wordy when you are redundant such as when you write, ' , ' little kittens' , ' last may during the spring ' very unique. ' " wordiness for the writer also means using long words when there are good short ones available using uncommon words when familiar ones are handy using words that look. e full list on study.

another word for wordiness. find more ways to say wordiness antonyms , along with related words example phrases at thesaurus. com, the world' s most trusted free thesaurus. the writing center has writing resources available with tips to help students eliminating wordiness in their papers. 0ff661f3- ffeab0ab1f527b5acb9 c13d7e73- 910d- afb6- d3b99382b909f681. wordiness wordiness reducing wordiness - english only forum reducing wordiness in an academic writing - english only forum since it was a saturday when all of this happened [ wordiness] - english only forum wordiness academic writing - english only forum wordiness combine in one sentence - english only e full list on blog. lots of college students work part- time trying to earn extra money or to pay off their loans. therefore, they don’ t have enough time to complete all the writing assignments. colleges don’ t offer any courses in academic writing so many students have no idea how to write a decent college paper structure it. the best college essay that students have a memorable successful college essays for money - papers .

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if the question of “ who will help me write my essay” is constantly in your head, you can calm down. for this purpose, our online service is ready to help every student who writes in the stroke of a search engine “ help me write my essay”. to date, the custom essay services are in the conditions of. the essay writing service enters, ready to catch you at any stage. order the papers here we guarantee you the best result! essay writer with expertise and experience – hire the best one! our team has a transparent policy: we write essays for money we provide the best quality services. for us, it not a question of the price but a. aug novem write- my- essays. org proessaywriting. com provides quality service without letting the student suffer from great financial depression in short proessaywriting.

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  • generally, this approach leads to wordiness ( and i’ d even call it graphomania), when an author believes the more words he or she uses— in descriptions, dialogues, explanations, and so on— the better their opus will be. in fact, professional writing has little to do with wordiness. i like to compare writing with chess.
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  • see full list on readable. words and phrases are chosen for the work they do, and words that don' t accomplish enough are deleted or replaced.
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